Best way to use your Forms

It’s very interesting to design your own form and get the information you want from the user in an organized order with a great look and feel. Yet there may be occasions where you want a reference to design your form and present it better to the customers. eCube Apps […]

How is your Form helping you?

Customized Reports are beneficial once the data is ready. The design and framing of the data collection form also impact the result you can get. Observations will provide insights to change the way we use the form and make changes to it. eCube Apps Performance Analytics comes with reporting on […]

Include More users and set privileges

It’s very common that you need a group of people to access forms for decision making and sharing of monitoring tasks. In such scenarios login is required for a group of associates or to people with different roles. eCube Apps User Management will enable registered user to manage the group […]

Real meaning and power of your data

Just the data alone can not give you any insight about the people or the market trend. The real meaning and the power of the data lies in the fact finding and summary reports. eCube Apps Report Builder comes with dynamic reports allowing you to create visualizations made using charts, […]

Speed of communication is the power

Instant communication to all the stake holders and spontaneous reply to critical alerts are few examples of how the speed of communication powerfully influences the business. eCube Apps Notifications Settings will help you to inform all the required people in the system or allow you to respond to your customers […]

Your forms work as per your Logic

Do you want your form to be dynamic in nature and respond to the customer based on his inputs? Do you want to ensure valid inputs by hiding or displaying different controls based on previous inputs? Then you got the right tool to do all that. eCube Apps Rule Builder […]

What you get is Valid and meaningful Data

When your users are filling the forms, you expect them to provide the correct data. We can make it easy for you in two ways.The user will get proper prompts and validation messages to enter only valid data at the same time feel comfortable and interested. eCube Apps Field Properties […]

Simply Embed for Seamless integration

Do you want all your friends to know what you are doing? Does your SEO need a free hand to share in social media? Do you want to be quick and also control who is accessing your forms? Using eCube Apps Form Share you can share with the public and […]

Brand it the way you want!

Wondering how you can leverage your branding and showcasing talents on these forms? Then you must know that you have the choice to design and replace your own logo suitable for the form. You can also change the way your form appears to the end users. eCube Apps Theme Builder […]

Smart Forms

Do you wait for long times for the application to be developed! Do you lack the infrastructure to set up systems and people to kick start your business online? Do you see how complex it is to design a database based application?…. eCube Apps Form Builder can make anyone feel […]