Do I need coding experience to create a form?

Not at all! With eCubeApps drag-and-drop builder, you don’t want any cryptography expertise to {form} the right form for your desires. Advanced users will go directly into the hypertext mark-up language code and create changes, however it’s fully not necessary. With our Theme Designer, you’ll modify the design of your type with simple clicks.

How eCubeApps different from other form builders on the market?

The following features tells how eCubeApps different from other form builders : FORM DESIGNER: Creating forms using drag and drop controls with rich experience of flexibility and making complex forms simple. REPORTS: Report builder comes with dynamic reports allowing you to create visualizations made using charts, graphs, pie charts etc. […]

What are the Advantages of using eCubeApps ?

Advantages of using eCubeApps Application: Improve Business Performance Transparent Information Save Paper and Printing Access Anywhere and Any Time Easy to Reach Customers Live Data, Reports for analysis & Service Improvement Save Money & Time Data History and Analytics Easy to use solution Good Customer relationship

How to create online forms in eCubeApps ?

The below are the steps to  be followed to create online form in eCubeApps: Create: eCubeApps form builder empowered with drag and drop controls can create forms with no time. Share: Share your forms in social media, QR Codes, Email and Integrate in your website. Collect Data: Collect your data […]

What is eCubeApps ?

eCubeApps is  a powerful on-line application that enables anyone to quickly produce custom on-line forms. It is having a drop and drag facility to add the required questions to the form. eCubeApps makes collecting and sharing information comfortable and conversational. eCube Apps is a cloud-based business data collection and analysis solution which can be used for Customer Satisfaction Survey, Field Data […]

Deletion of Sub User

Deletion of Sub User: Delete option in User Management allows the user to delete a added sub-user. When user selects required sub-user from the list then the respective user details will be deleted. If admin click on delete button then the system will display one popup with a confirmation message. If admin really wants […]

Adding the New User

Adding the New User: Add user module allows the user to add a new user as a manager or user. When user click on add user button system will display Add User popup. The user must fill all the fields like user name, email and must select the user role […]

Giving Permissions on the Form

Giving Permissions on the Form: By using permissions module admin will be able to give permission on the Forms to the User/Manager. When admin click on permission option of the Form in Forms dashboard page system will redirect to Form permissions page. Form permissions page contains all eligible sub user’s information. If […]