How to visualize data in eCubeApps?

Just the data alone cannot give you any insight about the people or the market trend. The real meaning and the power of the data lies in the fact finding and summary reports. eCube Apps Report Builder comes with dynamic reports allowing you to create visualizations made using charts, graphs, […]

How to share documents and photos in eCubeApps ?

When you expect a better report from the field verification staff or when you want to get the individual presentations or resume, or when you need the supporting documents that go with user inputs in the form, we look for an easy and convenient option to accommodate this facility to […]

How to ensure Spam free inputs ?

It is important to allow the customer to fill the form easily and comfortably. At the same time, it is also important to ensure that there is no influence of spam and the forms are filled in by the Human only. eCube Apps Captcha serves you the purpose in both […]

Where can I see some examples of templates?

It’s very interesting to design your own form and get the information you want from the user in an organized order with a great look and feel. Yet there may be occasions where you want a reference to design your form and present it better to the customers. eCube Apps […]