Tickets Dashboard

Tickets Dashboard: Tickets Dashboard module allows the admin to view requests of users and can solve issues. To view the requests of the users, the admin must click on view tickets section. Then the page will be redirected to the helpdesk list page. In this page, the requests are present in the […]

Creating a new Ticket

Creating a new Ticket: The user can create a ticket by clicking on the helpdesk icon. By clicking on that icon user gets one popup page. In that user must provide details for entering subject of the ticket, a select category like data requests, service information etc., select priority like high, medium […]

Viewing the raised Ticket

Viewing the raised Ticket: To view each ticket, the admin must click on view button in actions column which redirects to view page. By knowing the issue super admin can solve it and after solving the issue super admin changes the status of the issue to resolve and if any […]

How to delete the created report ?

Delete Report module is used to delete the report. If the user clicks on delete option one confirmation popup will be displayed. If the user clicks on yes button, then report will be deleted.  Once the report is deleted, it will not be shown in the reports dashboard.

What is the use of Form Rules section ?

Form rules section is used to configure the rules on Form. In Form rules, conditions are applied on fields and actions are divided into 3 sections. 1. Show Message 2. Redirect to Website 3. Send Email In Show Message, user will be able to write text and apply styles for that […]

How to change styles for the added labels ?

The user can change the font styles such as Font Color, Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight and Font styles of the placed controls in the Form. When the user clicks on the required control, the application will provide the styles of the selected control to apply. Whatever the styles […]

How to use custom CSS styles ?

From CSS tab user can write own CSS styles based on his requirement. If the user wants to write any CSS style, first he selects the control from Form section then correspond control class will be opened in CSS tab, by using that class he can apply the styles for […]

How to revert form styles to default styles ?

Revert to default form option helps the user when he needs to revert the original Form after applied the Themes. When user clicks on Revert to default Form option with themes system will display one confirmation popup, if the user really wants to revert the Form then he must click […]