Creating a new Account in eCube Apps

Creating a new Account in eCube Apps: To access the eCube Apps application, the user must register with his details to create an account by clicking on Register module. For that, the user must provide a valid Email ID, Password, Confirm Password, Name, Unique account name and also user must […]

How to activate created account ?

Activate the created Account: Resend Confirmation Link module is used to get confirmation mail again to activate the account. The user must provide registered Email and click on Resend confirmation link. Then the user can confirm the account using the received confirmation link. The user can also cancel Resend confirmation […]

How to view the list of forms in your Account ?

You can view the list of Forms in your account: Once the user enters valid credentials, the system will redirect to a dashboard page and lists available Forms if the user has already created Forms. Following functionalities will be available to the user based on the role. Can view the […]

How to create a new Form in the eCube Apps application ?

Create Form is used to create a new Form. When the user clicks on create Form button the system displays one popup with the following options. Create Form Templates If the user selects the Create Form option, the system redirects to the Form designer page where the user can design his/ her […]

Usage of dynamic controls

Text box: This is a one-line input field which accepts all types of text. Entries into this field are limited to 255 characters. Best used for short answer questions such as, “What is your opinion about the venue?” Number: The number field should be used when you wish to collect […]