How to view the list of forms in your Account ?

You can view the list of Forms in your account:

Once the user enters valid credentials, the system will redirect to a dashboard page and lists available Forms if the user has already created Forms.

Following functionalities will be available to the user based on the role.

  • Can view the created Forms.
  • Create a new folder.
  • Move the Forms to existing folders.
  • Create favorite Forms
  • Search Forms
  • Sort Forms
  • Edit the name of the folder
  • Delete folder
  • Create a Form (new or from the template)
  • Edit the Form
  • Delete the Form
  • Apply themes
  • Apply rules
  • Configure languages
  • Share the Form
  • Give permissions on Forms
  • Create users
  • Able to view the entries entered by other Form users

If the logged in user is assigned as a user role, then he can only create an entry in the shared Form. If the user has a manager role, he can view the entries entered by Form users and view the Form reports.

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