How eCubeApps different from other form builders on the market?

The following features tells how eCubeApps different from other form builders :

FORM DESIGNER: Creating forms using drag and drop controls with rich experience of flexibility and making complex forms simple.

REPORTS: Report builder comes with dynamic reports allowing you to create visualizations made using charts, graphs, pie charts etc.

THEMES: Theme builder comes with excellent features and a wide range of options to enable you to decide the color and style of your forms and make them look beautiful.

SHARE: You can share with the public and in social media to increase your reach out, you can also share with people through a secure password and expand your business possibilities.

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: An option to include more people to work with your forms and share the burden and at the same time you have the ability to control the access to different users.

USER MANAGEMENT: eCubeApps will enable registered user to manage the group account and create sub users to bring in a group of people to work on a special assignments and projects.

ANALYTICS: Analytics comes with reporting on the performance of your form itself. It’s an in-build feature automatically generated for each form on the fly.

PAYMENT GATEWAY: eCubeApps has an option to collect donations or event fees for the particular form with popular payment providers we integrate with and get paid!

LANGUAGES: Languages functionality in eCubeApps helps the user to add required language for the form with respect to the placed controls based on the business need.

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