Usage of static controls


Label field accepts all types of text. It’s a static control and can only be changed during Form design. Best used for simple single line note to the user on the Forms.

Section Break:

While the Section Break field does not accept data, it does offer you the ability to place a large amount of text on your Form. This field is best thought of like a paragraph — if you wish to write instructions, detailed questions, or have visual breaks on your Form then the Section Break field is your choice. This field will not appear on Reports.

Page Break:

Page Break field is Like Section Break, the Page Break field does not accept data. It allows you to split your Form into multiple pages.


Line control is a static control which can be used in designing the Form to simply display a line graphic between the Form fields. Within a section, this can be used to visually separate different set of controls for the convenient viewing.


You can use images to personalize your Form. Click on the Image link and specify the image URL.

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